Reservations will be made through the Furry Cruise Coordinator. He will be working directly with Norwegian Cruise Lines to book all attendees.

Please call to book or email your personal information but for security we request all payments be made by phone.

Make sure you have a valid passport.

To reserve a cabin, you must be at least 21 years of age. Attendees under 21 must be staying in a cabin with someone who is 21 or older. If you have special circumstances, minors or children, please contact Furry Cruise Coordinator and they will advise you on how to proceed

Next, please find a roommate to book with. (The Furry Cruise will not find roommates for you. We say this as you will best know who you get along with, especially for extended times.) Cabin prices are based on having two people per room so if you travel alone you will essentially pay for two people.

Now that you have your roommate and required ID, please review the Code of Conduct. (By placing a deposit and joining us on the cruise, you agree to follow these general guidelines for behavior.) We reserve the right to modify these guidelines as required by ship staff or the Furry Cruise Coordinator.


Code of Conduct

The Furry Cruise by nature is a public furry / fursuiting event held onboard one of many cruise ships each year since 2005. Unlike any other con we are only a small number of people on a very large moving hotel and in so much we represent the furry community as a whole and should place our best foot forward.General behavior and rules are first and foremost dictated by the ship’s code of conduct; please review this information on the appropriate cruise line’s web page. Above and beyond that though we ask that any attendee whether it be in costume or not should maintain a proper respectful attitude to all members of not only the group but other guests onboard the ship. We also request common sense be used in both talking about the event and the furry / fursuiting community in general. If you are in doubt please refer questions to the Furry Cruise Coordinator.

Unfortunately we CAN NOT allow any copyrighted characters for suits onboard the ship, for legal reasons.

We request that once on board the first day of the cruise, please allow time for the Furry Cruise Coordinator to approach the ship staff and secure proper permission and give the group an ‘all clear’ before any suiting activities begin. We request and very much recommend that you not fursuit without there being at least two of our group present and preferably one person who is not in a suit (handler). Traversing the ship and operating doors, buttons, elevators and other obstacles can prove to be more difficult than normal on a cruise ship due to limited space and close quarters. In addition, we have always attracted a lot of attention and the small walkways can easily become extremely crowded.

Dealing with the public on board requires a level of tact and patience; unlike other events, suiters are not to approach people unless invited to do so by those people. We are not to solicit or demand attention but rather welcome it only when given freely. The Furry Cruise is a PG-rated event and all activities, actions and appearances should remain as such. Please be mindful, in everything you do, that a large portion of the ship’s two to three thousand other guests are families including every age imaginable. We have put smiles on the faces of everyone from children to the elderly and we want to continue doing so. Use common sense and, when in doubt, ask the Furry Cruise Coordinator.

Fursuiting is to be onboard only due to uncertainty regarding local laws and customs; it is neither in NCL’s or the Furry Cruise Coordinator ability, nor responsibility to confirm or deny whether fursuiting at any port of call is permissible or legal.

Attendees are expected to drink responsibly when in fursuit. Though we respect the fact that this is a vacation for everyone as much as an event, we do request you are extra mindful about drinking alcohol in suit and enjoy yourself well within your personal tolerances. When in suit, you represent not only yourself but the group as a whole to other staff and passengers. Should any handler or the Furry Cruise Coordinator deem you to be acting in an excessively impaired way you will be requested to de-suit and continue to enjoy your evening out of suit. This is for both your safety and the safety of the guests around you.

Please ensure that your fursuit is fresh and clean, observe general etiquette for public fursuit performance, etc. Most of all, relax and enjoy the cruise.

To confirm your attendance for the Furry Cruise, you must now pay a deposit to reserve your cabin by deadline listed on our dates page. Please call the Furry Cruise Coordinator at 1-(734)-340-4553 (please have all information in the form below ready when calling) to book or for ease you may email the information to and just call in the payment.

Please Email or call 1-(734)-340-4553 with the following information for each person in the cabin.

If you email us the personal info please still call (for security) 1-(734)-340-4553 to provide payment information for the deposit.

Full Legal Name:
Birth Date: ________________ Sex: (Male / Female)
Country of Citizenship: _______________________

Furry Name (badge name):
Can We Post Your Furry Name OL: (Yes / No)
Suiting: (Yes / No)
Phone #:

State: _____ Zip: ________ Country ___________

Cabin Choice:
Special Requests: ____________________________________________


if you have any questions Email